Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heartland Payment Systems Breach Growing

I wrote about the Heartland Payment Systems breach that was announced on January 20, 2009. Financial institutions all across North America have been contacting their customers in the past few weeks informing them that their credit card or debit card has been compromised due to this large breach. I personally know many folks affected where I live in the great Mid-west. They’ve got their letters telling them a new card is on its way.

I believe this breach will surpass the breach that TJMaxx had. Their final total was around 94 million cards that were compromised. This one, I believe, will surpass the 100 million total. There is a site that has been reporting what banks have contacted them stating that they have been affected by this breach. It is far from complete. Click here to see an update from the site

Hope you have all had a great week. Friday is just around the corner. Have a fabulous weekend. And of course, Rock Chalk Jayhawk…Let’s kick the Wildcats behind Saturday!!

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