Thursday, April 22, 2010

Adobe Reader Setting to Change

So you need to know what the criminal attackers are exploiting so you can defend against it. Adobe Reader/Acrobat and Adobe Flash are at the top of the list. Earlier I wrote about turning off Javascript in Adobe Reader in this post. I come to you with another setting to change. Pull up your Adobe Reader and then go to Edit>Preferences:

Find the category Trust Manager and highlight it, then uncheck the box seen below in this image.

Trying to stay secure is always a moving target. Setting these options as I have mentioned will help protect against current attacks going on now in the wild.

Stay safe and have a great weekend.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Defending Against ZeuS Trojan

If you are a small business, school districts, local governments, or local entities like community libraries, and you have someone who works for you who transacts business with your bank online, or possibly you use ACH, you had better listen up. Cybercriminals are looking for you and they want to steal you blind. If you have heard from your local financial institution warning you about ZeuS, you need to find yourself someone who can help you defend agasint this silent attack.

Brian Krebs has a great blog and has been writing about the folks behind the ZeuS kit that is stealing literally millions of dollars each year and it doesnt seem to be getting better. ZeuS has its sights on the smaller businesses who probably don't have the computer security staff to help them take steps to lower this risk.

I'm from the northeastern part of Kansas and can help you with a risk assessment to let you know if you are at risk to ZeuS. Contact me if you would like to talk. Have a great weekend and stay safe.