Saturday, January 30, 2010

Adobe Reader Settings

So you want an added layer of protection against the bad guys? Go now to your Adobe reader and open it up and go to HELP on the toolbar and then select Check for Updates... If there is an update, then do it!

After you get it updated, open the Adobe Reader application up again and on the toolbar go to Edit, then Preferences...

This will open another window where you need to look down at the left hand margin and select JavaScript, then uncheck the box Enable Acrobat JavaScript.

If you are like me, almost all will not be affected by having this option turned off. I am aware that the has forms that do require you to have this enabled. Bad guys like to create malicious malformed PDF documents that are many times related to JavaScript. The good news is from this point on, when you update Adobe Reader, it will retain this setting. The only time you will ever need to change this setting is when you receive a PDF document who you absolutely trust the
person who is sending it to you.

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