Sunday, April 19, 2009

Patch Tuesday Happens - Make Sure You Patch

Well this past Tuesday, Microsoft pushed out 8 security patches that corrected at least 23 security vulnerabilities in Access, Word, Internet Explorer just to name a few. With all the talk in the national media about the April 1, Conficker Worm, this should make people check and verify that your updates have worked.

It is very important that patches happen, and the Conficker Worm should be your example. Microsoft came out late in October of 2008 with a patch (MS08-067). Many folks didn't update with this patch. Actually, millions of PC's didn't have the patch. So this allowed the criminal element behind Conficker to spread itself so fast and so successful.

So this is your reminder that patching is extremely important. Make sure your PC is set to download your Microsoft updates automatically. You can either select to install them automatically or notify you when updates are needing to be applied.

Another weekend is drawing to an end so lets get ready for the new week. Stay safe and be careful out there.

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