Saturday, May 30, 2009

Apple Refuses to Patch Java

So there was this Java issue that was reported to Sun. They fixed it back in December of 2008. Well the most recent security updates released by Apple for Mac users did not include this fix. So why? All the talk about Mac users being more secure in the commercials seems to have gone by the way side.

Apple has been asked and they are pulling that "Apple attitude" and it is coming out strong. So Mac users beware! You are vulnerable to this simple drive-by exploit. And so a researcher who has gotten fed up with the lack of cooperation from Apple, decided to post proof of concept code to Milw0rm last week. If they already haven't started, they are sure to show up soon. So what can Mac users do? Disable Java at this point until Apple decides to take security serious. Apple sucks for not fixing this problem like all the other vendors have.

Stay safe and have a happy Sunday.

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