Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bot Activity Blocks Me from Computer Security Page

Well this evening I was going through stories listed on one of my favorite sites for computer security news. I keep up daily on what is going on as a part of my job. Tonight, I find that they have blocked me because there has been too much "bot activity" and "script kiddie activity" from my IP range. Well, I'm in northeast Kansas near Kansas City and my service provider is Cox Communications. What does this tell me, well it tells me that there are a lot of folks here in my area within my IP range have compromised PC's.

Hey folks! Read my blog and maybe you can keep yourself better protected than you are right now. Here is a picture of the screen I get. Actually pretty funny because it is animated but it ticks me off that I am blocked. Wishing people would be more responsible. Well I'm out for now. Hopefully you all had a fabulous New Year and I've got to go to work tomorrow.

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