Monday, January 19, 2009

Fake Antivirus Scenario

So you do a search in your favorite search engine like Google, Yahoo, or others. You search on a topic of interest, then you click the link to see if it is something you were researching on.

But when you click on the link it does not take you to the site. It pops up a message that looks like this. It's kind of a scary message that says hey you have some bad stuff on your machine.

Now if you get this message, I would advise you not click on the OK or the Cancel buttons. Wouldn't even click on the X. Interesting thing is the bad guy has disabled the ability to go down to the START bar in Windows and right click the Windows Internet Explorer to close it. So here is my advice to close that Explorer window. Bring up the Task List (Cntl + Alt + Dlt) and then kill it from there.

Stay safe out there and Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!!!

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