Saturday, June 20, 2009

Face to Face Computer Security Training

One of the things I enjoy about what I do is that I get to teach people about how to protect themselves from the dangers out there in the Internet world. Well I'm about to start a new program where I will have quarterly meetings where I live. It will be local and it gives you an opportunity to listen to the topic for the evening, then have a semi-short question and answer session afterwards. I say this because I've done these in the past and you can't seem to get to all the questions that want to be asked.

The inaugural topic will be "What would a criminal hacker want with my PC?". Click here to read a post I made back in 2008. A common question I get asked is why do people write these malicious programs that infect the majority of the population. The answer is easy. It is all financial. Just think of that famous line from the movie "Jerry McGuire". SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!

So if you are local to the Topeka Kansas area and would be interested in some great information, stay tuned. I'll be publishing more details in the coming weeks. I'll get it on the calendar and we'll see how this works.

Hope all are having a great weekend. Stay safe.

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