Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Reason to use Firefox Browser

Last week and this week, Microsoft has had two pretty serious 0-day vulnerabilities that allowed an attacker to get the ability to run code on the target PC. Now with Patch Tuesday being this week, Microsoft was able to correct the DirectShow fix on Tuesday. However, the new one that I wrote about in the previous post is not. One wonders how long it will be before a patch is in place.

Now, proof there is another reason you really should be using the Firefox browser as your primary browser. Early this week, it was announced that Firefox had a serious 0-day. I have stated in the past, there really isn't a browser out there that doesn't have problems with security vulnerabilities. However, the key is, how quickly do they get patched. The window of opportunity for bad guys to take advantage of 0-day vulnerabilities in Firefox are just smaller. Today, if you are a Firefox user, make sure you get the update 3.5.1 that will correct the current problem.

If you don't use Firefox, try it. It is free and has some great addon's that you can use to protect yourself more. I personally use Noscript which I recommend you do too.

OK, have a fabulous Friday and stay safe out there.

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