Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Promise of Erin Andrews Video Leads to Malware

If you don't know who Erin Andrews is, she is a reporter for ESPN. She is very attractive and she has been captured in a video in the nude, and the video has been posted on the Internet. Erin and her lawyer have promised to sue whoever may be distributing the video so it isn't easy to find.

However, the cyber criminals know that men will be men and they have put up fake sites that purportedly host the infamous video of Erin Andrews. And it doesn't matter if you are surfing on a MAC or a Windows PC, you will be owned if you try and visit these sites. You won't get to see the video, and on top of that, you have malicious software downloaded to your PC so my advice to all men out there, don't go looking. This is like a broken record how the attack is done. You click, and a fake video player is needed to view the video Andrews naked.

So stay safe out there. Your behavior on the Internet has a lot to do with if you run into the nasty stuff the cyber criminals are offering. Play it smart. Don't go looking for the Erin Andrews video. If you do, you probably won't get what you are looking for. Happy Hump Day and take care.

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