Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cleaner 2009 = Fake AV

Hope the weekend has gone good for you. I've written about Antivirus 2009, now we are seeing another application calling itself Cleaner 2009. It performs system scans that shows false positives or exaggerated spyware results. Even though Cleaner 2009 attempts to look legitimate with its reviews, you don't really want it on your home or small business PC's. Do not fall for it. It is NOT a legitimate spyware removal tool, only a waste of time and, most of all, money.

Cleaner 2009 prompts users with multiple warning messages and popups that state Cleaner 2009 detected spyware on the machine. This is a poor attempt by Cleaner 2009 to get you to purchase the Cleaner 2009 program. Cleaner 2009 program may be difficult to remove manually. I've had a few machines that I have seen with the fake AV on it and it is a pesky thing to get rid of. Popular rogue anti-spyware programs like Cleaner 2009 are dressed up and renamed to confuse unsuspecting computer users.

Stay safe and have a fabulous weekend!

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