Thursday, September 4, 2008

Are You Getting Obama Spam Like Me?

Well I have this throw away e-mail address that I get a lot of "interesting" spam sent to me. I have been finding some rather unusual e-mail from Barrack, Michelle, and Joe too. When you look at the header information, it is being sent from the IP which belongs to EHLO It appears that the Obama campaign doesn't mind buying e-mail lists so they can spam to millions. The people who maintain these large e-mail lists are actively participating in not so nice ways of collecting these e-mail addresses.

I'm not an Obama fan. Not really that much of a McCain fan either. I do notice that I haven't got these types of e-mails from the RNC. And I find at the bottom of the e-mail, an unsubscribe link. I have always advised people to NEVER click on links in spam e-mails because you don't know what the person responsible will do with this information. Those with not so good intentions use the unsubscribe link to verify that they have a valid e-mail address and that address will be "verified" in a way that these people who market these list can sell for more.

Delete all spam e-mails that you get. Never, never, never click on any links or attachments from unsolicited e-mails.

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