Sunday, August 31, 2008

Scammers/Spammers will use Hurricane Gustav

People in general here in this great country of ours, The United States of America, are very giving and want to help those in need. When ever we experience a natural disaster like Hurricane Gustav, there are those who prey on our willingness to help. Those without a conscience will be there to take advantage of events like these.

When these events happen, the Internet Storm Center reports on domains that are being registered. A couple of days ago, they started seeing domains being registered relating to Gustav. Here are a few of those listed in the Internet Storm Center's latest post. Click here for the full Diary entry from the ISC.

Some people may be registering these sites to sell in the next few days. Others may start to add "Donate Here" buttons. You need to beware of this type of scammers.

All our thoughts are with those in the Gulf Coast area. Monday is when they are scheduled to make land fall. Many have left. We all hope that this is not a repeat of Katrina. Stay safe and we'll have to see in the next 24 hours what will happen.

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