Thursday, August 21, 2008 Malicious Attachment

You see spam e-mails everyday. Sometimes something is slightly different. Saw the same attachment with the name of It was password protected. You see if an attachment has a password, your anti-spam tools can't open it to examine it. I noticed that two different subject lines were used. One was "Journalist shot in Georgia" and the other one was kind of funny. "Brittney Spears confession: I am Anna Nicole Smith's baby's father". I submitted the file to and the AV engines didn't have good results. Only 5 of 36 AV engines detected the file as malicious. Today, I got another copy and submitted it and now 7 of 36 AV engines recognize it as malicious.

One copy of the spam was sent from an IP in Turkey. Not a place that would seem to be very friendly. So if you get this file, just trash the e-mail and don't open this file.

Stay safe and TGIF!!!

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