Monday, August 18, 2008

MBTA - DefCon Talk from MIT Students

I have attended DefCon the last two years. Most would find it lame and boring but those of us in the security end of the Internet look forward to all the information that can be learned over a weekend in Las Vegas. Last year, the Dateline NBC reporter was outed and it was really fun to watch. There are some great video shots on YouTube.

Sometimes vendors don't want you to release information. This year, there was a talk that was scheduled by three MIT students that was postponed due to a Federal court ordering them not to give the talk. The MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority).Those of us in attendance got to see their presentation slides that shows everything they did and what they observed.

OK, MBTA, you have a system that is broke. Hopefully you will do something about it. Come to think of it, all of the mass transit here in the US and probably abroad as well are broke too. For all of us, hopefully they will correct the problems that were discovered and will fix the broken system. Sometimes these vendors will do nothing. Kind of scary if you ask. me.

Stay safe and have a great week!

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