Saturday, August 16, 2008

Problem with DNS - Check Your DNS Here

On July 8th, an announcement was made public that DNS had problems. What is DNS you may ask? Well on the Internet, sites are assisned and IP Address. It is a number that would be hard to remember. For example, if you wanted to go to the web to do a search, you would have to type in This IP is assisgned to Google. Thankfully we don’t have to remember these numbers. We can type in and we can search. How can we type in and be directed to DNS. DNS directs us to the appropriate website by converting the name to an IP.

A security researcher, Dan Kaminsky, came out Tuesday saying that DNS was vulnerable to cache poisoning. This is a bad thing. If the criminal attackers can exploit DNS, they can direct you to evil IP instead of your or and you would never know a thing. Seeing that this is a major issue, Dan gathered the folks together at Microsoft, Cisco, OpenDNS, and others. This was all kept secret until all the vendors who had issues with could patch at the same time. Doing this would correct the problem in a short time and the evil attackers could not exploit this vulnerability.

In the patches released in July from Microsoft, if you look closely at them, you’ll see a patch for DNS. Pretty important. I’ve said over and over and over. Patch, patch, patch! Now you can only do so much. Others have thing to do also. Dan has a DNS Checker to check and see if you DNS you are using has been patched. If not, you can use another DNS. Check out to see other options you have. Opendns doesn’t have these problems.

So click on the DNS Checker link and check out your DNS today. Have a safe weekend.

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