Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fire Fighters Targeted in Phishing Scam

The Boston Fire Fighters Credit Union was targeted in a social engineering scam purporting to take a survey and then they will credit your account with $99.99 after you complete it. Well, those malicious attackers hit paydirt it sounds like. Many fell for it and gave up their credentials for their accounts. Sounds like the Credit Union was notified and hopefully many of the folks who fell for it, aren't going to be out too much money if any.

Click here to read the full story. Remember my advise. If it sounds too good, it probably is. And last, never respond to unsolicited e-mails. Protect yourself and your financial health. Stay safe and we are thinking of those being affected by Ike.

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Jeff Golden said...

I have too have made the mistake of buying Cleaner 2009. Your comments about it are too nice. Not only have I expericed the issued you talked about but getting a response on the phone is not realistic. They system hangs up on you after 40 min. of hold time. Stupidly, I sat on the phone (with redials) for 3 hours.The couple times I got through I got one round around and one guy hung up, and I wasn't being antagonistic because I thought he was actually going to help me. Both times it sounded like they had 5 people around 1 table with one phone jack, so the crackling was intense. Here is my name and email if anyone what to verify this with me.
Jeff Golden